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Here at TTTC we believe that when faced with extreme circumstances, the tenet of "train like you fight" can be of vital importance. We are honored to offer you all the necessary tools, knowledge and environment in achieving that goal. From recreational shooting and firearms licensure to advanced tactical courses, we are here to ensure that, should that circumstance arise, you are always ready to 
"fight like you train"

Please understand that Non-members must make an appointment to use the range. We are members only range with memberships available. 

Classes, training and Machine Gun rentals are open to the general public. If you have any questions send us a message, email or text at 903-372-9472. Look foward to meeting everyone!

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Basic 1 and 2 courses

Basic 1 and 2  courses

Precision long range course

Basic and advanced courses

State of Texas LTC certification

Machine Gun Rentals/FFL-SOT Transfers

Contact us for personalized courses, events or other evolutions

Gun Range Access for non members is by appointment only







Our work


Texas Tactical Training Center was founded by Brandon Hart in 2017. After beginning his career in the US Marine Corps as an infantry rifleman, he found a passion in firearms and military tactics. After two combat deployments and an honorable discharge, Brandon returned to his home in Texas and engaged in the private security sector. In the summer of 2013 he was selected to attend the US Department of State High Threat Protection course. Following its successful completion, he then deployed to Afghanistan working under the Diplomatic Security section of the US Embassy in Kabul. Two years later, in December of 2016, he returned to Texas to work as a Range Safety Officer and Firearms Instructor for Dogwood Hills Gun Club in Flint,TX. That's when he knew that teaching defensive tactics and firearms manipulation was what he wanted to pursue. Brandon went back into overseas contracting in November 2016 and began laying the ground work for what is now the Texas Tactical Training Center. Thirteen years' experience in firearms training and tactics, NRA Law Enforcement Instructor for Handgun/Shotgun, Texas License to Carry Instructor, NRA Chief Range Safety Officer are all assets Brandon is placing at your disposal, so that you can acquire or advance those critical skills that may some day save your life.

Message from the founder

Hello all:

My name is Brandon Hart, and I am extremely excited to have you as a client or a member. I wanted to build a firearms training facility that meets or exceeds the needs of my fellow Texans, and that is always willing to make the extra effort in providing you with tailored solutions to whatever tactical needs you have.

One of my biggest passions is to help train law enforcement and other public servants in the combat arena, and I believe that Law Enforcement Professionals should always have a tool bag of the newest and most effective tactics at the ready.

Also, TTTC is here to cater to civilians seeking safe, pertinent and professional training to add to their personal skills. My doors are always open no matter what limitations you may have or think you may have. I will be there to help you become proficient in all firearms and defensive tactics.


I wish everyone the best and I look forward to seeing you on the range!


Semper Fidelis



Texas Tactical Training Center

1110 County Road 4614

Troup, TX 75789

(903) 372-9472

please state the desired services in the Subject field (e.g. "Beginner Rifle Course request")

Message received. We will respond promptly! Thank you.

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